Financial Information

  • PY1 – October 2015 through December 2016
    • Total Savings Relative to Benchmark – $1,456,647.81 (3.02%)
    • Total Shared Savings Realized by ESCO – $999,260.40
    • Amount of Shared Savings Invested in Infrastructure – $0.00 (savings realized were lower than the operational budget)
    • Amount of Shared Savings Distributed as Shared Savings Payments –$0.00 (savings realized were lower than the operational budget)

Quality Performance Measures

Measure Title NQF # Measure Steward CEC Data Source ESCO Performance Rate Mean Performance Rate for All ESCOs
Domain: Patient Safety    
ESCO Standardized Mortality Ratio 0369 CMS Claims 0.941 0.923
Falls: Screening, Risk Assessment and Plan of Care to Prevent Future Falls Adapted from 0101 NCQA Hybrid 0.958






Domain: Person- and Caregiver-Centered Experience and Outcomes    
Advance Care Plan Adapted from 0326 NCQA Hybrid 0.952 0.842
ICH-CAHPS: Nephrologists’ Communication and Caring 0258 AHRQ QIP results 0.690 0.678
ICH-CAHPS: Quality of Dialysis Center Care and Operations 0258 AHRQ QIP results 0.674 0.609
ICH-CAHPS: Providing Information to Patients 0258 AHRQ QIP results 0.844 0.787
ICH-CAHPS: Rating of Kidney Doctors 0258 AHRQ QIP results 0.636 0.596
ICH-CAHPS: Rating of Dialysis Center Staff 0258 AHRQ QIP results 0.682 0.595
ICH-CAHPS: Rating of Dialysis Center 0258 AHRQ QIP results 0.743 0.647
Domain: Communication and Care Coordination    
Medication Reconciliation Post Discharge Adapted from 0554 NCQA Hybrid 0.838 0.469
Domain: Clinical Quality of Care    
Diabetes Care: Eye Exam 0055 NCQA Hybrid 0.000 0.040
Diabetes Care: Foot Exam 0056 NCQA Hybrid 0.942 0.603
Domain: Population Health    
Influenza Immunization for the ESRD Population Adapted from 0226 KCQA Hybrid 0.770 0.713
Pneumonia Vaccination Status Adapted from 0043 NCQA Hybrid 0.747 0.437
Screening for Clinical Depression and Follow-Up Plan Adapted from 0418 CMS Hybrid 0.934 0.728
Tobacco Use: Screening and Cessation Intervention Adapted from 0028 AMA PCPI Hybrid 0.787 0.748

*1 Adapted from…”measures are those with changes from existing specifications such as expanded age ranges (e.g., 18 and older instead of 65 and older) or alternate data sources from the NQF-endorsed measure. Measures with an age stratification (e.g., 18 and older instead of all ages) are not considered adaptations from the NQF endorsed measures.

*2 Hybrid measures use claims and medical record data.

*3The ESRD QIP generates measure results from Medicare claims, the Consolidated Renal Operations in a Web-Enabled Network (CROWNWeb), and the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN)